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Charged with a Crime in Knoxville or a surrounding county in East Tennessee? 

If you have been charged with a crime or suspect you are under investigation, you may be facing the possibility of losing your freedom. If you are convicted of a criminal offense, not only is incarceration a possibility - you may also be forced to pay fines, court costs, and face other legal sanctions depending on the type of offense.  An effective criminal defense attorney is essential to ensure you have someone in your corner that understands the legal system and can guide you through this stressful and potentially life-altering situation.

You Need an Attorney Ready to Work For You 

If you have been charged with a crime or suspect you are under investigation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side that will zealously preserve your rights, your freedom, and your reputation. Whether you find yourself in a vehicle on the side of the road stopped by police, being approached at your place of work by an investigator, or in custody - DO NOT GO THROUGH IT ALONE. You need representation immediately.

The attorneys at Burks & Ogle have a reputation for getting positive results. Obtaining a good result in a criminal case is not easy - it requires experience, knowledge, and the skills to make sure you understand your legal options and to guide you in developing a proactive, winning strategy.

Mr. Burks has a long history of experience and success in both State and Federal courts. He also previously served as the President of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (TACDL).

Mr. Ogle is also well-known as a tenacious litigator in the area of criminal law. Before joining Burks & Ogle, Mr. Ogle was a Trial Prosecutor for eight years in both the Major Crimes and Child Abuse Units at the Knox County District Attorney's Office. As both a criminal defense attorney and as a former trial prosecutor, Mr. Ogle has successfully litigated a wide range of violent crimes, homicides, sexual offenses, and drug offenses. 

Our firm represents clients in courts across the State of Tennessee as well as in Federal courts on charges ranging from minor offenses to the most serious felonies, including:

If you have general questions related to criminal law - we have a Criminal Defense FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that you may also find helpful!

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